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Video Services - VHS to DVD Transfers


Basic Service


  • Our Basic service, priced at $10, includes a straight conversion of your VHS tape to DVD, delivered in a paper sleeve.  It does not include chapter breaks or custom labeling.


Superior Service


  • Our Superior service, priced at $15, is delivered in a slim-line jewel case and includes basic editing – such as removal of dead space – and a menu with chapter breaks at fixed time intervals.  We also label the DVD with text of your choosing


Elite Service


  • Our Elite service, priced at $24, includes the services listed in the Superior package but is delivered in a DVD Library case with a scene from the tape printed on the label.  The chapter breaks are set to match “scenes” in the video.


Data DVDs


  • If you wish to edit your own videos, we can create .avi or .mpeg files for you at a rate of $0.55 per minute of video.  A $20 minimum applies.



Note on Prices



  • Prices shown above are for a tape of up to 2 hours in length.  If you have several short tapes, which can fit on a single 2-hour DVD, we will edit these together for the single tape prices quoted.


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